• Rack of Coats
  • Rack of Coats
  • Rack of Coats
  • Rack of Coats
  • Rack of Coats
  • Rack of Coats

Rack of Coats


Production Leadtime

Ships in 4 weeks.


Graceful solid wood hooks joined at the top of this coat rack have soft curves and subtle edges to ensure hung items will keep their shape without being poked by the rack. A group of turned pegs at the upper gathering point allow additional items, large or small, to hang inset from the outer ring of carefully draped coats.

At the base, each hook bends to wrap around a table that is located at a convenient height for picking up and setting down items without forcing you to bend over. The table allows ample space for storing phone, pocket contents and keys at home or to display marketing materials at an office or restaurant entry.

Coats will come and go but the table’s subtle lipped edge ensures your things maintain their lofty position.

Technical Information


W 20 x D 20 x H 69 "

W 51 x D 51 x H 175 cm

Designed by Chris Jamison

Produced In-house by Plywood Office