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Wing Desk

Designed by

Chris Jamison

Produced In-house by

Plywood Office

The Wing Desk provides ample room for a family of four to gather and work side-by-side. The innovative structural system employed is similar to that of an aircraft wing.

The Wing Desk spans more than eleven feet without the help or clutter of any legs. A clever and hidden tension system concealed inside the structure prevents a desk of this length from sagging.

The chaos of cables is tamed by bringing all wires into the desk at a single point above the outlet and distributing them via tunnels through the back of the desk. This strategy eliminates the need for crawling underneath to plug in equipment by allowing for power strips to be concealed in the rear tunnel easily accessed from the top.

Four unique drawers are free to roam from the eight equal storage slots as needed. Roller Patrollers are used here as roving stools and storage containers.