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OZAP Showroom

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Designed by

Chris Jamison

Produced by

Plywood Office and Ozinga

Plywood Office designed a tile and concrete showroom for a large cement manufacturer in Chicago that wanted space to display their products, give presentations, and meet with clients.

Since the showroom is filled with hard materials (brick, stone, tile and concrete), Plywood Office conceived a carpet pattern to be printed directly onto the tile floor. The effect softened the room while showcasing one of the company’s unique architectural products: tile manufactured from recycled glass and cement that can be printed on directly with the help of vector and raster images.

Plywood Office also designed a 25-foot-long countertop that was poured and integrated with the building’s structure that provides ample space for an impressive display of various fabrication techniques. Programmable LED lighting throughout the showroom calls attention to the innovative concrete products the company is known for.

Plywood Office completed the look by creating the showroom’s all-wood conference table—an earthy reprieve from the concrete surfaces—and installing the very first prototype of Rack of Coats—a welcoming gesture to make visitors feel at home.